Cancellation Policy for PACESprep

PACESprep Registration and and Cancellation Policy.PACESprep February 2018

  1. A place can be reserved on the course, by completing the online application form and making the payment, using NEFT. An online ticket will be issued once the application is received. However, a place on the course will be confirmed only after the course fee has been received, when a confirmation of a place on the course will be sent by email. The course is limited to 20 candidates
  2. The ‘early-bird’ course fee for all three days is INR 60,000 plus GST (sixty thousand plus GST) for payments received by 26 January , 2018
  3. The method of payment is by NEFT, using bank details provided. The application must include the NEFT payment reference number.
  4. The course fee will be held at INR 60,000 plus GST (sixty thousand plus GST)till February 10 th , 2018.
  5. A refund of the course fee (less 20% for administration charges) will be made for any request for cancellation before 26th January, 2018.
  6. Any cancellation request between January 26 and February 5, will receive a refund (less 50% for administration charges)
  7. Cancellations made after February 5th, will not receive a refund.
  8. A ‘no-show’ candidate will not receive a refund.
  9. All cancellation requests should be made by email to [email protected]
  10. Only candidates who have made an electronic application AND correct payment will be issued with a confirmation of a place on the course.
  11. The course fee does not include hotel reservation (booking and/or costs)
  12. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances, and make a full refund of the course fee.
  13. Any circumstances, not covered by the above conditions will be subject to the discretion of the organisers.