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Welcome to PACESPrep

Prepare Practice and Pass

PACESprep is a new, non-profit course designed to coach candidates who will be appearing for the MRCP PACES. PACESprep will be run by experienced PACES examiners of whom 4 are based in the UK. The course will focus on equipping candidates with the style and finesse of presenting their skills and knowledge to the examiners in a professional and confident manner. Practical and theoretical coaching will be given on all stations, with special emphasis on Station 2, 4 & 5. The course will consist of didactic sessions, interactive sessions & patient demonstration. A mock examination will be held on the final day and constructive and realistic feedback will be given to every candidate.

The course directors are

  • 1. Dr Tahsin Neduvanchery, FRCP (Edin), Consultant Cardiologist, Aster MIMS Kottakkal, Kerala
  • 2. Dr Abraham Chacko, FRCP (Edin), Consultant Cardiologist at Doncaster Teaching Hospitals, Doncaster, UK. Dr Chacko has been a PACES Examiner since 2003 and has examined in UK and International, and been a PACES Examiner, Host and Chairman

  • The UK based tutors are

  • 1. Dr Peter Newman, FRCP (London), Consultant Neurologist, Middlesborough Hospital, PACES Examiner in UK and International, PACES Chairman, PACES Host, Director Medical Training Initiative (MTI)
  • 2. Dr Brian Cooper, FRCP (London), Consultant Gasteroenterologist, PACES Examiner in UK and International, PACES Chairman
  • 3. Dr Deepak Dwarakanath, FRCP (Edin), Consultant Gasteroenterologist, PACES Examiner in UK and International, PACES Chairman and Vice-President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.
  • 4. Dr Tom Charlton, MRCP, Imperial College, London. Dr Charlton has a Masters Degree in Medical Education and is passionate about helping each candidate to be the best they can be.
  • 5. Dr Liza Chacko, MRCP, Specialist Registrar Cardiology. Dr Liza Chacko works at one of London's major cardiology centres and coaches candidates preparing for PACES and will provide updates on current practice in cardiology.

  • India based tutors

  • 1. Dr Arun Nair, FRCP (Edin), Consultant Endocrinologist, Amritha Medical Centre, PACES Examiner
  • 2. Dr R Muthusamy, FRCP (London and Edin), Senior Consultant Cardiologist, SRM Institutes for Medical Science, Chennai, PACES Examiner in UK and International, PACES Chairman
  • 3. Dr Praveen Sreekumar, MD, DM, MRCP (UK), Consultant Cardiologist, Aster Medcity, Kochi

  • Course Administrator

  • 1. Mr Lijo Lopez

Our Faculty

  • Dr Abraham Chacko

    Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr Brian Cooper

    Consultant Gasteroenterologist
  • Dr Deepak Dwarakanath

    Consultant Gasteroenterologist
  • Dr Liza Chacko

    Specialty Registrar in Cardiology
  • Dr Peter Newman

    Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Tahsin Neduvanchery

    Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr Tom Charlton

    Specialist Registrar Clinical Oncology