Candidates feedback continued


  1. Very informative and gave us a lot of new ideas
  2. On UK CME ‘Great session bringing the Indian and UK perspective
  3. Very inspiring and useful
  4. Very useful
  5. A great experience to get to know the real exam feeling
  6. The platform demonstrations were excellent. It gave us an idea of how to do each case.
  7. The availability, enthusiasm and willingness of the faculty to teach was amazing. Thanks a lot.
  8. 100% of respondents rated the faculty as 5/5 for enthusiasm,interactivity and communication skills.


  1. Good sessions, good food, learnt a lot.
  2. Very good/ practical
  3. Very good demonstrations and tips
  4. Excellent interaction
  5. The faculty were very supportive and always ready to help
  6. The mock exam was very good
  7. My performance was bad but the examiners gave me good advice and directions on how to improve
  8. Clinical stations were well demonstrated/ discussed
  9. Arrangements, patients and surrogates are all excellent
  10. Faculty was excellent
  11. Exceptional and informative
  12. Very useful – just like the real PACES environment


  1. The mock exam was very well planned. We got a feel of the real exam.
  2. All of the faculty members were so supportive and ready to help us any time. God bless all of you
  3. Being able to demonstrate and discuss went a long way
  4. Very professional. Had the chance to be examined by several other doctors
  5. It was just like a PACES exam
  6. Felt the real PACES experience
  7. Group numbers were small and we got personalised attention.
  8. Mock exam was professionally conducted with both interesting and challenging cases
  9. Very good session on ethics and communication – all doubts cleared and good discussions
  10. The stations were very well organised and professional
  11. It was superb. I felt like I was in the real PACES.