This podcast provides an outline of the PACES Examination and the perspectives from the examiner's point of view and provides information that candidates need to know. All the assessed skills are provided in this podcast. The podcast is open access and can be forwarded to any group of interested candidate..

Station 4 Interview

This podcast is a recording of an interaction between the daughter of a patient (surrogate) and a candidate who is appearing for the PACES in the near future. This is a difficult scenario where a serious diagnosis is shared, about which the surrogate does not know anything about. The candidate will be interviewed by and examiner at the end, who will ask questions and provide comments. The podcast lasts for 23 minutes..

Station 4 interview

This podcast interview is another Station 4, between a candidate and the son of a patient who has been admitted following a stroke. The patient's son is upset because of the perceived effects of a drug administration error. This podcast reflects a type of scenario that may appear in the PACES examination..

Medical Training

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a scheme that allows International Medical Graduates to obtain a training post in the UK for a period of two years. This is an interview between Dr Abraham Chacko and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians about the MTI Scheme.